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abbinamentologofreeedittuvOur Quality Management System encompasses activities directly impacting the quality of Free Edit's product manufacturing and service delivery processes.
Information concerning our Quality Management System is detailed in a Manual and a series of procedures and/or operating instructions, managed in both hard copy and computerised formats. As a result of this system, we are able to demonstrate, by means of documented evidence, that the products manufactured are conforming to standards/laws in force or customer specifications.
The company's management commits itself to the Quality Management System as one of the main tools for continuous improvement. The undertaking of responsibility for the effective maintenance of Free Edit's Quality System is fulfilled through defined operational commitments, including the formalisation of the Quality Policy, ensuring its dissemination across all levels and stakeholders.
Every member of Free Edit bears the responsibility of upholding and ensuring adequate support for the Quality Policy.
Free Edit's Quality Policy is articulated by adhering suitably to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, as outlined below:

Constant orientation towards our MISSION

We are a company of experienced Technical Communicators and Technical Writers. We work with passion and enthusiasm to make life easier for manufacturers of machines, plants, and devices by supporting them in the management of Technical Communication, and in particular, in the drafting of effective, user-friendly, and legally compliant Technical Documentation.

We provide a solution to the challenges faced by Technical, Purchasing, and Quality Office Managers who need to handle the internal management and translation of technical manuals, spare parts catalogues, GMP GAMP validations, and CE Marking certification processes.

With our know-how and creativity, we help our customers create clear, readable technical documents that match our customers' corporate image.

Professionalism, availability, flexibility, and continuous updating are the core values that guide our work, without ever losing sight of what we cannot compromise on: establishing solid and lasting human relationships.

Our company is proud to promote sustainable business development by taking concrete steps by integrating Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility into our business processes and daily lives.

Constant orientation towards CUSTOMERS

Correctly perceiving customers' requests and needs and translate them into products and services that meet their expectations

Show as much flexibility as possible with respect to customers' needs

Maintaining clear relations with customers in order to prevent any complaints from them clear relations with customers in order to prevent any complaints from them

Respecting deadlines for the realisation of planned works

Evaluating the degree of customer satisfaction

Constant orientation towards INTERNAL ORGANISATION

Sustaining our Management System as a robust, efficient, and certified Quality Management System involves monitoring its adherence through product audits, Internal Audits, process control, and data analysis.

Assisting all employees in achieving company objectives by providing them with the practical and theoretical tools they need

Integrating and engaging all company employees in order to optimise activities and improve services in accordance with customer expectations

Being more aware of the fact that the future of this company as well as one's own future as a worker is dependent on each individual's efforts

Orienting collaborations and outsourcing toward individuals capable of providing global efficiency, i.e. price-quality and level of service in accordance with the company's strategy

Exploring and identifying critical quality areas

Implementing the necessary Corrective Actions

Considering risks and opportunities in order to aim for Continuous Improvement

Periodically reviewing our Quality Policy to ascertain its continued suitability.