Do you know the Give Back principle?
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We believe that ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility should not merely be fashionable terms to be flaunted on special occasions. Instead, they should embody a philosophy of life that becomes an integral part of our businesses on a daily basis, serving as both a guiding principle and an inspiration for future activities and objectives.

This requires the following:

  • move away from the old concept of business, by addressing the issue of
    • what impact I have on the territory
    • what relationship I have with my employees
    • what benefits I bring to the environment
  • look at the impact of one's actions on future generations
  • implement the principle of “give back”.


While it is undeniable that the primary goal of a business is profit, it is equally true that such profit can be attained through a more balanced and sustainable approach. This represents the true breakthrough.

What we have found over the years is that being a major market player is not a prerequisite for actively contributing to the creation of a better world. Regardless of the sector or size of your company, what truly matters is taking action and making a meaningful contribution to the transition towards a more sustainable world for all. 

We firmly believe that collective responsibility starts with individual responsibility:

each of us is called upon to act and can do so now.



Free Edit is constantly engaged in activities to develop and consolidate its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is done through the following objectives:

  • guaranteeing the protection of human health and the preservation of animal as well as plant species
    from 2019 – adopting trees at a distance through Treedom, planting one for each new customer 
  • supporting and respecting the protection of human rights through its own contributions
    from 2013 – supporting the association against paedophilia La Caramella Buona Onlus 
  • supporting and promoting community and local activities by sponsoring the following sports associations and local initiatives

from 2023 – motorbike team Kaiju Racing Team

from 2017 – cycling team FBR–Elpo Cycling Team

since 2014 – event Parma Ham Festival

since 2012 – football association A.S.D.B. Langhiranese

since 2012 – sports club amateur society S. Vengolì