Multimedia, interactive, and that's not all!
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The types of Spare Parts Catalogues that can be created vary depending on the machine to which they refer and the strategic/commercial objective that a manufacturer has set for itself.

In addition to the historical paper version, which can be manually browsed, today companies like yours also have the option to choose more advanced solutions such as interactive Spare Parts Catalogues, or multimedia ones, or even in Augmented Reality.

Through these more modern and evolved documents, the Spare Parts Catalogue becomes a full-fledged corporate tool capable of building/improving/consolidating not only your company's commercial capacity but also its reputation.

This means that thanks to spare parts, you can gain in image and at the same time save money, thus fostering customer loyalty. Interesting, isn't it?

Below are the main types of Spare Parts Catalogues that we can provide our customers with:


Cartaceo Spare parts catalogues in paper form are the “oldest” type, but still the most widely used systems for distributing spare parts catalogues.

As with all types of Spare Parts Catalogues, the paper version is usually managed through a component list and a respective illustrative table.. Thanks to this easy management, we can create different Spare Parts Catalogues based on the documentation provided to us. We have no limits!

Furthermore, we study countless customisation options for your specific needs in terms of printing and binding..

The main features of the spare parts Catalogue are:

  • easy to consult if kept on board the machine
  • does not require a device for consultation
  • does not require the presence of a power or internet connection
  • handy document to consult anywhere.


The Spare parts in PDF format is the version provided in digital format of the printed copy, to which a number of improvements have been added to make finding information easier and more user-friendly.

The following are an example:

  • the index linked to the side
  • optimised opening regardless of format (full screen)
  • use of the “search” function
  • password protection for blocking certain functions.

These and many other functions are contained and managed directly by the ADOBE ACROBAT software viewable by the user thanks to the simple and free Acrobat Reader.

The main features of the spare parts Catalogue in PDF format are:

  • viewable on any device
  • easily transferable to colleagues or other recipients
  • easy to use thanks to all the tools made available by the software.


The Acrobat PDF format allows to connect different parts and pages through graphical and textual hyperlinks. It also allows to include advanced interactive components: in this case, the digital document becomes interactive or multimedia.

The Multimedia Spare Parts Catalogue in PDF, although it remains a STANDARD PDF that can be read with the normal free Reader, allows for more services and options.

The main features of the multimedia spare parts Catalogue are:

  • optimisation of navigability through customised buttons and menus
  • insertion of audio/video content
  • compilation of forms
  • insertion and display of manipulatable 3D objects




The transition from the use of a static spare parts catalogue to a multimedia spare parts Catalogue is not easy, especially if for many years “you have always used the static version”...

The use of a specific software such as Components Engine [Link] allows considerable optimisation of the entire spare parts catalogue management. This allows profits to be maximised by reducing human error to a minimum.

Through logical and fully illustrated pathways, your client can trace and order spare parts in just a few minutes and with complete autonomy: they can navigate through various spare parts tables as if they were in a genuine e-commerce platform, organised hierarchically into groups, subgroups, and components.

Moreover, through a dedicated reserved area, it's possible to create a genuine Spare Parts Area, where each of your machines (or systems) becomes accessible like an e-commerce platform (both for bespoke and serial products), allowing your client to place orders in real-time

The interactive multimedia Spare Parts Catalogue can be published online or offline according to your specific requirements.

This solution offers three types of publication:

  • PDF – Automatic drafting of the project for “old–fashioned” consultation
  • CEF FILE – File provided on physical support or downloadable from a link that can be opened and navigated with a specific reader provided, to be installed on your PC
  • DATA PACKAGE – Publication of the spare parts area through a dedicated online website linked to the institutional website.

The main features of the multimedia and interactive spare parts Catalogue are:

  • always having the catalogue dynamically updated
  • Integrated ordering during consultation
  • cutting-edge corporate image
  • automatic tracking of placed orders.


The Augmented Reality Spare Parts Catalogue transforms the ordering process into a fast and routine procedure, but also into a genuine personal experience that benefits both your company and your customer.

Its consultation can take place via devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart glass and the like. Furthermore, the sensation/emotion experienced during use is so rewarding and smart that, in addition to making order placement extremely smooth, positively influences the overall opinion your customer has of your company.

We create virtual or augmented solutions tailored to your needs, providing spare parts that are not just a mere catalogue for your customer to consult, but an immersive experience they won't forget!

menuOne of these is “INVOLVE – Augmented Reality applied to maintenance and spare parts ordering”, an Augmented Reality app that we internally designed and developed in 2019, aimed not only at simplifying the lives of plant, machinery, and device maintainers but also at providing an after–sales ordering tool that matches the corporate image of the manufacturer.



Similarly immersive experiences with the “Wow!” effect can be achieved using Aryel's technology, our trusted partner for Augmented Reality.



Services and products related to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are constantly evolving. We stay updated on the state of the art, so we invite you to contact us to explore together the various possibilities that technology offers to meet your needs.


The main features of the Augmented Reality spare parts Catalogue are:

  • improved component identification
  • enhanced User Experience for the end customer
  • possibility, through a specific device, of immersion in the purchased machinery
  • real-time updates of customised projects.