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Learn, educate and inform yourself in a more user-friendly and engaging way... you can do it!

We produce for you interactive multimedia documentation materials such as Technical manualsSpare parts cataloguesProduct data sheets and Sales brochures, and we can also have them distributed on proper e-learning platforms.

Multimedia and Interactive are ways of using your information that you can no longer afford to pass up!



Multimedia, means a resource with the possibility ofenclosing on a single medium textual information, audio, video and animation content related to each other through links and hypertexts.

This is basically about using different kinds of content together and at the same time, which thanks to the Internet, the development of technologies such as vector graphics and photo-realistic renderings and the digital conversion of all formats, has generated a new way of communicating and transmitting information.



We design and develop the following types of multimedia technical documents in-house:

  • Multimedia video - Video, audio, images, pdf, links: all in one experience

    Procedure management (calibration example). Produced video segments that, once assembled in several sequences, form a video tutorial (or several videos) that significantly clarifies and streamlines training on the procedure.

   Objectives: make procedures more understandable, train/inform operators and make training more dynamic and inclusive.

  • Multimedia sales documents – we produce high–impact multimedia presentations to enhance your company, products and services
  • Multimedia spare parts catalogues – we produce navigable spare parts catalogues like a proper e–commerce outlet.


Interactive , means a resource with the ability to interact with the operator, allowing active use of information.

That is, to be able to take advantage of the content offered by the resource not only as a passive observer but by intervening in the execution as required.



We design and develop the following types of interactive technical documents in-house:

  • Interactive videos – we produce and edit original Video tutorials applying interactive layers with tables, exploded views, spare parts numbers, explanatory images so as to make the training experience immediate and comprehensive. In particular, we take care of filming, editing and adding interactivity. 
  • Interactive spare parts catalogues – we produce spare parts catalogues that allow the operator to interact with their contents.


Interactive multimedia platform, refers to a multimedia and/or interactive content distribution platform accessible online by operators to carry out a range of activities such as training/information, learning tests, ordering spare parts, downloading technical documents etc.

The idea is that your interlocutors are able to use the content you make available to them easily and smartly, from wherever you are in the world and in their own language.



The creation of a video platform of standard procedures is a high-impact service for your customers, who will therefore have an up-to-date and readily accessible training/information channel covering topics such as:

  • maintenance
  • inspections
  • assemblies
  • safety procedures

The platform is cross device and can be consulted online in the reserved area. In addition to creating and managing the platform for you, we can also take care of:

  • user management
  • the production of videos
  • the design of graphics (e.g. covers for manuals and spare parts catalogues)

Whatever your need, we will provide you with the ideal solution:

  • Creation and management of a web-accessible Reserved Area dedicated to the distribution of training/information content that can be accessed by dozens of user groups (each with specific authorisations), with the possibility to:
    • train via interactive video tutorials, which allow interaction with operators via information bulletins
    • train via video technical manuals, which show procedures with all the necessary information for regular machine maintenance
    • conduct final learning tests
    • access the Spare Parts area to purchase spare parts
    • access the Download area to download documents in various formats
    • access the remote technical assistance system

Objectives: training/information of workshop operators worldwide in the relevant language, customer loyalty and care, loyalty of Dealers, streamlined communication,

  • Creation of a Reserved Area on the institutional website, allowing operators to download technical product documentation, and operators to access technical training/information documents via QR Code.

Objectives: training/information and customer loyalty.