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It could be said that Free Edit operates in the field of Technical Communication, and in particular Technical Documentation, which provides consulting services and editing of Technical Manuals, GMP GAMP Validations of product/process, CE marking consultancy (Risk assessment, Technical file), Spare parts catalogues, Professional technical translations and the provision of visual communication services to manufacturers of machines, plants, and devices. However,...

... this does not fully describe us, because we are much more that this!

First let us tell you that we are constantly striving to CREATE VALUE for our clients:

  • for CUSTOMERS, in order to ensure that their expectations are understood and overall satisfaction is enhanced,
  • for theCOMPANY, aimed at continuous improvement of its processes and organisation.

Not only do the companies that have chosen to work with us continue to do so because of the daily service we offer to them, but also because of the interpersonal relationships we establish.

In a playful manner, we are affectionately referred to as “The Manual People”!


  • 2002 - Free Edit Sas Foundation

    Ermes started his career as a communicator and technical editor in 1996. As a result of the sudden passing of his company's owner, he and his colleague Francesca decide to leave their positions and establish their own business.
    Tuesday 1 January 2002
  • 2010 - Ermes Paoletti, Sole shareholder

    6 people
    The company progresses and expands so much so that it begins hiring! Life can be unpredictable and sometimes it forces us to realise that the path we have taken is not the one we want to be on. Francesca decides to turn her passion for dogs into a profession. Meanwhile, Ermes takes over the entire management of Free Edit and is now writing the manuals himself, handling everything autonomously.
    Friday 1 January 2010
  • 2015 - Riccardo Lamanna became a member

    9 people
    People come and go! The meeting with Riccardo, an experienced technical editor and manual writer, was a fundamental step in the development of Free Edit. The company, already experiencing an increase in employees, reorganise their roles. This allows Ermes to delegate and focus on customers and Riccardo to deal with production and administration.
    Thursday 1 January 2015
  • 2016 - Headquarters relocation from Langhirano to Parma

    The company moves from the hills to the city! Ermes and Riccardo realise that this is a necessary decision, for several reasons: being closer to customers and being more attractive/attainable to hire trained people.
    Friday 1 January 2016
  • 2019 - Change of legal form from Sas to Srl

    12 people
    The family expands! Free Edit's work is constantly growing, which is reflected by the increasing number of new employees. To adequately accompany the company's development, Ermes and Riccardo decide to change Free Edit's legal form from partnership to joint-stock company.
    Tuesday 1 January 2019
  • 2020 - Proactive Rebranding Action

    Our company image is beginning to affect us! The results, the numbers and the positive feedback indicate the value of our work and that we need to raise the bar even higher. Ermes and Riccardo noticed the ongoing transformation and decided to establish a well-organised as well as verticalised marketing department. The beginning of a new chapter in our history begins with the modernisation of the logo and Brand Identity, the active and strategic landing on the web and social networks, as well as the strategic planning of online and offline activities in the medium term.
    Wednesday 1 January 2020
  • 2020 - Acquisition of 50% of 3p Safety Srl

    Here comes the “partner in crime”! In 2018, Ermes and Riccardo met Matteo Pettenuzzo. The relationship is consolidated by collaborating on important projects regarding the safety of installations under the Machinery Directive and the Atex Directive. Meeting the right people is a blessing: Free Edit acquires 50% of 3p Safety Srl, making it the Vicentine company’s Parma headquarters. Moreover, this expands the range of professional services offered in the Machinery Safety sector.
    Thursday 2 January 2020
  • 2020 - Joining the United Nations Global Compact

    Not only Free Edit! Even though the company began promoting its commitment to support causes close to its heart already in 2012, In light of the constant improvement in the company's performance, Ermes and Riccardo decided to strengthen the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is done by joining the United Nations Global Compact for the development and promotion of a sustainable global economy.
    Friday 3 January 2020
  • 2021 - Quality Management System Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

    20 people
    Our quality is certified! As a natural consequence of the evolutionary process taking place, Free Edit decides to adopt a Quality Management System and obtains its certification from TÜV Italia, conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
    Friday 1 January 2021
  • 2021 - Headquarters relocation

    Outgrowing our workplace! Due to an increase in workload and the arrival of new colleagues, the need for a space that is more appropriate and more closely tailored to our needs becomes increasingly critical. As the company approaches its 19th birthday, it moves into new modern offices which are larger and more luminous. It is the beginning of a new chapter on every level.
    Saturday 2 January 2021
  • 2022 - 20th birthday and new website

    After the operational office, we also renew our online presence! Our website has always been our digital home, the place where we express our identity and expertise as well as provide comprehensive answers to questions and inquiries. As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, we have developed a digital presence that represents us in our entirety. Furthermore, it shows how even a technical and austere industry such as ours can be communicated in an appealing and creative manner.
    Sunday 2 January 2022


We are a company of experienced Technical Communicators and Technical Writers. We work with passion and enthusiasm to make life easier for manufacturers of machines, plants, and devices by supporting them in the management of Technical Communication, and in particular, in the drafting of effective, user-friendly, and legally compliant Technical Documentation.

We provide a solution to the challenges faced by Technical, Purchasing, and Quality Office Managers who need to handle the internal management and translation of technical manuals, spare parts catalogues, GMP GAMP validations, and CE Marking certification processes. With our know-how and creativity, we help our customers create clear, readable technical documents that match our customers' corporate image.

Professionalism, availability, flexibility, and continuous updating are the core values that guide our work, without ever losing sight of what we cannot compromise on: establishing solid and lasting human relationships.

Our company is proud to promote sustainable business development by taking concrete steps by integrating Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility into our business processes and daily lives.


We aspire to become the partner of choice for machine, plant and device manufacturers by dealing with any issue related to Technical Communication, Technical Documentation and the CE Marking certification procedure of machines and large-scale projects.

We are the leading company in multimedia and interactive Technical Documentation. We combine our know-how as Technical Communicators with the innovative tools that technological advancement has made possible, guaranteeing our customers both smart and up-to-date output formats.

We strive to establish trusting professional relationships in which authoritative expertise and a commitment to our clients' needs are our recognised hallmarks.

As a company, we strive to maintain and enhance a friendly and engaging environment among colleagues by caring for human relations, engaging the team, and providing incentives for their efforts.

We are committed to consolidating and further improving our commitment to financial, social and environmental sustainability.


Competence, reliability and human touch are our guiding values.

Our corporate policy also promotes Corporate Social Responsibility, committing ourselves to the following:

  • the development, implementation and promotion of responsible as well as sustainable business practices
  • the implementation of the 10 universal principles guiding the United Nations action on human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption
  • actions in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda.


People are the essence of Free Edit. The company would not be able to remain competitive if it were not surrounded by capable, willing and motivated employees.

The “value” of our services is created through human resources and the development of collaborative relationships between them, both internally and externally.

Theaverage age of our staff is 38 and many of us have been working in Free Edit for decades, ensuring a very low turnover.

Our team consists of flexible and dynamic women and men with significant transversal skills. These make us self-sufficient in project management and capable of carrying out our work “to perfection”.

We are communicators, editors, graphic designers, technicians, engineers, mechanical draughtsmen, project managers, and consultants. We are an extension of your technical department in every respect, and the most exciting part is that we are confident that you will tell us the following: “I didn't think it would be possible!”.

We love the organisation and simplicity; we value honesty and genuineness, and we would love to shake your hand, since it still holds the value of the past for us.

We are always willing to tell you the truth, even if it may be a little uncomfortable for you as a manufacturer.

This is a brief description of who we are.

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The value of training
Effectiveness of training


In 2020, Free Edit acquired 50% of the shares of 3P Safety Srl. This company, with offices in Vicenza, Milan and Parma, specialises in risk analysis and management services to industries working in the health and safety field.



Approximately 99% of the companies we work with are based in Italy , especially in the province of Parma. We work with a variety of suppliers, some of whom are integral to Free Edit's business, having been our partners since the year of our foundation.

In addition, these ties are based on the constant desire to form stronger professional and personal relationships with those who work alongside us on a daily basis.