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The companies that have chosen us continue to do as a result of the benefits they can achieve by working with us.

Thanks to our Quality Management System, we set specific customer satisfaction targets annually. We can carefully measure satisfaction through various activities such as sending satisfaction surveys, monitoring feedback from online reviews, and assessing the opinions of our project managers.

Qualitative feedback
Customer satisfaction
Perceived quality




Free Edit is a company whose quality management system is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV SÜD for the field of application

◾ Drafting and translation of manuals and technical documentation concerning industrial machines and plants

◾ Consulting services for CE marking of industrial machines and plants

This guarantees customers that they are dealing with acompany that cares about the efficiency and effectiveness of its production processes. In addition, our company is committed to continuous measurable improvement, which directly benefits you as a customer.




Reduction of implementation time

In many cases, a large portion of the Technical Manual can only be created after the machine has been assembled, so delivery times can become very tight for manufacturers. Entrusting the manual service to us will simplify the process of fulfilling various legal obligations, such as the requirement that the manual accompany the machine when it is placed on the market, thus avoiding consequent delays in payment.

Reduced editing and translation costs

We catalogue and store contents in databases dedicated to each customer, allowing maximum reuse of existing materials. As a result of the reduction in editing time we require, you will experience a substantial reduction in costs (including translation fees). The certainty of information consistency across different models allows quality recovery while keeping costs as low as possible.

Reduction of fixed costs

The personnel you have assigned or plan to assign the creation of technical documentation carries a fixed cost for your company, irrespective of the workload. The latter is often variable, particularly during times of hardship or growth. By entrusting the drafting of technical documentation to us, your company will have no fixed cost, but will be able to manage a job fee on each individual project.

On-time deliveries

A well-organised and experienced external organisation - such as ours - enables your company to deliver technical documents on time, without relying on your personnel and be affected by time off due to holidays or illness. Our meticulous planning ensures that you can focus on your business while we guarantee punctuality and professionalism.

Providing a complete service

Whether it is manuals, the CE marking certification process, spare parts catalogues, pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical validations, we handle all aspects of technical documentation for your company, from design to translation.

Guaranteed compliance with standards

The technical documentation we create is designed with the latest standards and directives in mind and verified for compliance by experts.


While today there is a great deal of discussion about Data Security, we can proudly say that we have always guaranteed the total security of your data, both in terms of processing, confidentiality, and non-competition, as well as from an information technology standpoint.

Thanks to external consultants, we have validated our entire work cycle, ensuring compliance with basic privacy management regulations as well as achieving the highest level of IT security assurance. This is accomplished by implementing equipment and procedures capable of controlling every aspect, from data storage to the process of data processing and back up.

Our customers can rest assured that their data is in the safest possible hands: ours. We will show you concretely, here is the specific documentation:



It defines and describes the security policies adopted in relation to the processing of personal data, the organisational criteria for their implementation, and the appropriate information provided accordingly to third parties




document signed by each Free Edit Srl employee who processes data relating to individuals



Document regulating and binding suppliers who process personal data belonging to Free Edit Srl to comply with the regulations pursuant to Art. 28 of the EU Regulation 2016/679



A notice referring to the processing of personal data of customers/suppliers and their contacts



A notice related to the processing of personal data of employees and collaborators




In addition, as is the case for other professions, the Technical Communicator is also bound by law to the duty of secrecy, i.e., he/she is required to treat all documents and information he/she obtains in the course of completing a mandate or completing a task as secret and confidential.

In our contracts you will always find the specifications on Confidentiality and Non-Competition, which we are committed to enforcing not only on our employees and former employees, but also personnel of our affiliated companies.




By choosing Free Edit you choose a company that encourages and is actively engaged in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, integrating its business model with socially responsible actions and key values in the fields of human rights, labour standards and environmental practices.

We think thatEthics and Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility) should not just be trendy terms to be flaunted on the best occasions, but a philosophy of life that should start with our companies and become an integral part of our lives on a daily basis, but also serve as a guide and inspiration for future endeavours.


It is understandable that when evaluating a new supplier there are many concerns to be addressed.
In order to assist you in your evaluations, we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions:


We have always produced the manuals in-house. How will outsourcing the service to Free Edit affect my company?
Our approach to new customers varies depending on the situation. In general, we prefer to establish new business relationships in a non-invasive manner, gradually integrating into a company structure while not interfering with their everyday operations. Moreover, a lot depends on how a company is organised and what their needs are.
My company is far from Free Edit's headquarters. Can this cause delays and communication difficulties?
Modern communication technologies (e.g. VPN lines, video calls or special customised systems) enable us to communicate effectively and punctually even when we are based at different locations. However, our staff is always available to visit our customers periodically - even if they are located in distant locations - in situations where physical presence is required.
Why is it not advisable to entrust the drafting of manuals to my in-house technicians?
Manuals written internally within the company are often created by people experts in the product, but not in communication. As product experts, those who write them often are not able to anticipate all the needs of their audience. They take essential knowledge for granted or assume that the operator is already an expert. Professionals involved in Technical Communication, such as ourselves, understand the importance of ensuring that information is written in a concise and clear manner so as to comply with the regulatory requirements of clarity and completeness. Furthermore, an in-house editor struggles to keep up with the relevant regulations and the increasingly sophisticated automating systems that allow for significant reductions in editing time (both for texts and illustrations).
Is switching to another supplier a challenging process?
Different situations require different approaches. Cost optimisation and increased quality are certainly significant factors in today's marketplace, and their achievement amply rewards efforts made therein.
What software do you use to produce your manuals?
We use all popular page layout software such as Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Pagemaker®, Microsoft Word® and Framemaker®, as well as any other software that the customer may require. We also use more advanced systems such as special CCMSs that allow greater automation of content editing.
In the event that we outsource the editing of our manuals to Free Edit, can we handle the parts requiring only minor, quick changes in-house?
Yes. Our mission is to be a partner to our customers. Therefore, customers are free to choose the most convenient solution for them. Depending on their current needs, this can range from complete manual outsourcing to simple external collaboration, even concerning certain parts or sectors.